Linen Rental
Medilaund offers comprehensive linen management solution, which covers from provisions of linen, laundry and its utilities, logistics and portering to collection of soiled linen to supply of clean linen and garments.

Linen Tracking System (RFID)

Medilaund is the pioneer in linen tracking system through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in healtcare industry in Malaysia.

Hygienic Laundry

Soiled linen is processed using the thermal disinfectant method, while heavily soiled linen undergo sluice cycle prior to the disinfectant process. All washing process are controlled and monitored through our state-of-the-art computerised linen management system.

Medilaund's laundering process are in compliance with the Australian Standard/New Zealand Standard; AS/NZ 4146:2000; Laundry Practice.

Linen & Consumables

In providing the best quality for your linen, Medilaund employs global best practice as specified by Australian Standard; AS 3789.6 - 1996; Textiles for Healthcare Facilities and Institutions.