Medilaund (M) Sdn Bhd is a specialized linen rental company that is regarded as a leading pioneer in the linen and laundry industry since its inception in 1994. We provide solutions that cover end to end linen and laundry services in assisting our customers to optimize the use of their linen whilst giving them freedom to concentrate on customer care. Medilaund’s technologically advanced central laundry facility implements an innovative linen processing system that meets the highest industry standards. End users are assured that the level of services provided will exceed their expectations and our services are benchmarked against the services standards set by the leading Asia Pacific countries.

Linen management may be the one of the most tedious yet crucial part of hospitality management.

Hence, we take that responsibility from you and we provide you with the best one-stop linen management solution. With Medilaund, you can have the following option:

  • Customise your linen
  • Customise your garments
  • Rent linen
  • Total linen management

Our wide range of services allow you to concentrate on providing foremost service yo your clients, while benefiting from:
  • Zero Capital Investment
  • Lower Variable Cost
  • Lower Laundry Equipment Risk
  • No Linen Replacement Cost
  • Suitable linen for Every Purpose
  • Relief from Linen Management Worries
  • Better Corporate Image Portrayal